Our Services

Take a Look at the Various Services we offer

Fly Mask Repair

We can repair velcro on fly masks and fleece mending.


We can add your name, logo or design on ear muffs, numnahs and saddle pads. etc.

Zip Repairs

Zip repairs to chaps, gattors or western chaps, jodhpurs or general zip repairs.

Blanket Wash & Repair

We wash and/or repair your blankets, saddle pads and covers.

SANESA Armbands

We make your SANESA Armbands to order for saddle pads or on armbands.

General Repairs

We repair any general rider accessory items.

Horse Boots Repair

Repair to horse boots where needed: velcro, elastic etc.

Velvet Collar Repairs

We offer all repairs to Velvet Collars. Let us fix it.

Custom Make

We can customise your accessory to specific colors and more.
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