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Couriered throughout South Africa for your pleasure!

Horse and Leisure is a Haven of horse ware and accessories. offering exclusive products at competitive prices. We also manufacture pet accessories for your canine and feline babies.


Provide your horse all it needs, and he will give you his heart forever.

Special - Orders

At Horse and Leisure, we custom make horse ware and accessories including novelty equipment such as numnahs, ear muffs and more. Themes may include Batman, Spider-Man, Superman and The Incredible Hulk etc.
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Horse and Leisure cares about Horses and supports charities such as Highveld Horsecare Unit, and Shumbashaba, amongst others. Please Note that we take in donations of horse ware and accessories, as well as tack. Should you have any donations for the charities, please drop it off at Horse and Leisure and we will ensure that it is received by the charities.

We Support Various Charities

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